Plaster figure sculptures inspired by Keith Haring

Guest bloggers: Roman and Danny 

Step.1 First we got one roll of tinfoil. Then we rolled it up into a stick. We bent it like an upside down v. Then we twisted the rest of the tinfoil to make the body. And then we twisted the top of the tinfoil to make the head. Last we got another piece of tinfoil, twisted it into a stick and wrapped it around the body to make two arms.

    Step.2. After shaping the body we covered the base/board with plaster. We covered the top because we did not want it to stick to the ground. After covering the board we started to cover the whole figure. We made sure to cover all of the tinfoil or else it could fall apart.

Step.3 The third step includes painting our sculptures so that no white is to be seen. But some students are going to add on patterns to their sculptures.

     I liked this art project because it was fun getting to paint and pick colors to put on. Also putting on plaster was fun because it got messy.


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