A Whole Lotta Art Going On!

We have tons of amazing projects happening in the art room right now, so here are a few highlights!

Grade 1 Woven Painted Kente Cloth

We used Kente cloth from Ghana and talked about patterns in math and art in this lesson.  Over-under-over-under is a pattern we talked about while weaving, and students were able to devise a pattern for their border.  These students both used a pattern of vertical and horizontal placement of strips, while others chose "vertical, plus sign, vertical, plus sign" or "equal sign, plus sign" or other math symbols made with their painted strips. The students were making patterns and math connections, awesome job!

Welcome To The Jungle...part 2!

After mixing all of our secondary colors, it was time to start putting together our painted paper jungle collages, inspired by the work of Henri Rousseau.  See more of his work at this National Gallery of Art link, https://www.nga.gov/kids/linkrousseau.  

Multiple shades of green make the students' jungles more realistic.  We shared our greens with each other to get the variety we needed.  Next,  we can use our purple paper for bugs, snakes, flowers and butterflies.

We cut out organic shapes for our leaves and discovered that leaves can be hearts, ovals, circles, or triangles.

Then students added their tigers made of shapes, giving them details with oil pastels.  
Beautiful job, Mrs. Silverstein's and Mrs. Quigley's kindergarteners from Bayview!

Tigers of every stripe--excellent work, Ms. Ondrejik's kindergarten artists!  ROAR!


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