The Snowy Day: Making connections and collages in Kindergarten

Mrs. Silverstein's Kindergarten class at Bayview worked on sequencing and making text-to-self connections using the beautifully illustrated, Caldecott award winning book The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.  What a great opportunity for an integrated art and ELA project!

Here is the brainstorming that Mrs. Silverstein's class worked on--after residing the story, students shared their own experiences, making text-to-self connections about how they spend a snow day.   The students' experiences of how they spend a snow day are similar to Peter's snow day activities in the text, and many connections were made.

The text-to-self connections are so vividly illustrated in the students' artwork.  They used collage, painting, and stamping to try out the techniques used by the author/illustrator.  There are snow angels, snowball fights, and snowmen being built, all beneath a colorful winter sky--wonderful visual expression of details based on what they read and their personal experiences.

                      These mixed media artworks make me want to play in the snow!
      Students explored a variety of mediums, making these artworks rich and multilayered.

                        The students loved the snow angel drawing trick of outlining
                                     the figure and coloring the shape around it.


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  2. I love it Mrs. Montibello! The children's artwork looks is so vibrant! Thank you for taking their text-to-self connections to a whole new level.


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