Printmaking in 5th grade

My fifth graders love to learn printmaking processes. This is their first foray into formal printmaking processes, other than using objects to print on paper in younger grades.  In this lesson, they make a printing plate using their artwork after learning about the history of printmaking, dating back to ancient China.
An inked printing plate (right) and the freshly pulled print (left).  
Students chose an animal that has either texture or a pattern.  
Scales, fur, feathers, or some sort of stripes or spots all make great prints.
The art element that we focused on primarily is LINE.

I love the variety of the animals that the students choose for this project.
Look at this amazing texture achieved using lines!
Here is an action shot of a student rolling the ink onto the printing plate after he used the bench hook (the black tray) to get the ink onto the brayer (the roller).  Lots of new vocabulary!


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