Maskmaking, day 1

Guest bloggers:  Jada and Robert 

 Today in art class, we started making our masks, which is the project we all look forward to! 
In fourth grade, we start to use plaster for the first time, so this year the material wasn't new to us. 

We made sure to put two layers of plaster on our masks and smooth it out.  One thing we had to make sure of when plastering was to overlap the pieces of plaster.  We also had the choice to cover the eyes and mouth or keep them open.  Next week, the mask will be off the plastic mold so we can add more detail. 

Of course, we had a lot of ideas for our masks but in the end, I am going to do a Leprechaun mask (Robert) and a cherry blossom tree mask (Jada)--all of the other kids have very interesting ideas for their masks too!  Throughout art class, everyone was explaining and sharing their ideas to their classmates which made it easier to come up with an idea for our masks.

Stay tuned for more mask making!


  1. I agree with your guests bloggers about their excitement towards the masks. One year, I even joined my class so that I could make a mask as well because they always look so incredibly fun to make.

    Nice job blogging Robert and Jada and I can't wait to see the finished product fifth graders!
    -Mr. Font

  2. Awesome blogging Jada & Robert. I remember when my own children made masks with Mrs. Montibello...I still have them. It's a wonderful project that you will have & admire for years to come.
    ~Mrs. Silverstein


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