Planetary surfaces in art--grade 5

As a cross-curricular project with grade 5, we are exploring using NASA images of planetary surfaces from our solar system as inspiration for abstract pastel drawings.  Visit the website entitled "Art and the  Cosmic Connection" to view videos of artists showing various pastel techniques, as well as the NASA photos that we used.

Elements of art such as line, color, shape, value, and texture are all explored in this lesson.  Lines on planets or asteroids show tectonic activity or wind or liquid flow, while shapes can show impact craters or volcanic activity.  Surface textures and dark and light values are created using color and shading.
                    Excellent line quality and variety to show a river delta in Russia.
                       Students are encouraged to used color in a creative way to 
                      emphasize planetary features, such as these beautiful craters.
         Pastels are an excellent medium to use when you want bright, saturated colors.
        Hands and fingers are the best tools for blending pastels, and we LOVE the mess!


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